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“Kristyn is my go-to, trusted spray tan expert. In addition to making me feel 100% comfortable, she customizes my color for the exact look I’m going for—subtly sun-kissed or super-bronzed. My spray tan always looks flawless, natural and even, and I always leave my appointment with an instant confidence boost.”

—Heather Muir, Beauty Director at FITNESS magazine

“Kristyn is without question the “go to girl” for a great spraytan!  The color is always natural looking and really long lasting.  I never go to anyone else.”

—Siobhan Bonnouvrier, Fashion Director, Allure Magazine

“I’ve been to spraytan artists who did a great job at giving me a natural-looking, long-lasting tan and I’ve been to spraytan artists who made me feel really comfortable, but Kristyn is the first I’ve been to who did both. Additionally, she paid special attention to typically tricky areas like the fingers and toes, neck, and face. And I’ve raved to my spraytan-getting friends about her sponge patting technique! She uses a makeup or paint sponge to carefully pat and blend after spraying. The result: No giveaways that you just got a spraytan‹it just looks like you spent a day at the beach.”

—Zoe Ruderman Senior Style Editor, People.com