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Allure Magazine Directory

Pick up the new June 2013 issue of Allure Magazine and check out my write up in the Directory for Spraytanning, on newsstands now!!!!

Instant Refresher

I am sure sometime in your life, whether shopping in your local drugstore or skimming through a magazine, you have noticed Spring water facial sprays.  I know when I was a kid Evian used to make a very popular one.  Well I have found the most fantastic Thermal Spring Water spray on the market by
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Fitness Magazine Spotlight

Pick up the new May 2013 issue of Fitness Magazine and check out my article.  On newsstands now!

Moisturize in Seconds

Is your skin dry and dehydrated from the winter?  Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to moisturize in the morning or enough time to let it absorb before you get dressed?  Or are you one of the many people that don’t like the feeling of moisturizer all over your body? Vaseline’s Spray
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Simple Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Always questioning, whether you should put this or that product on your skin, wondering if you’re going to have a reaction or not?  Well you are not alone!!  Many people suffer from sensitivities to products and it seems like only the expensive stuff on the market works well.  Then
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New Beauty Magazine

Check out the upcoming issue of New Beauty Magazine…On newsstands soon

Make Your Lipstick Last

Are you tired of putting on your fave lipstick in the morning, and by the end of your first cup of coffee, it has practically disappeared?? Well you’re not alone! And I have the perfect solution for your luscious pout – Lip Primer!  Yes you heard correctly, it’s a primer for your lips.  We’ve all
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How to Get Fresh Glowing Skin

Do you feel like your skin isn’t clean enough when you’re done washing it at the end of the day?  It probably isn’t.  Washing your face with just a cleanser and your hands can leave behind dirt and trapped oil in your pores.  This can affect the healthy appearance you are looking for but can
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Get Fab Lashes

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara has been a staple in the lives of women and make-up artists since 1971, you know the one in the pink tube and green cap.  Hard to believe right?  Well I can definitely vouch that the product is absolutely the best mascara ever.  I have tried every mascara under the sun
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Do You Know What’s Living In Your Make-Up Brushes?

So you wash your face every night before bed and you wash it again in the morning, only to wonder, “Why isn’t my skin as clear as it should be?”  Well the culprit could be hiding itself in your own makeup brushes.  Do you even remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes?  Have
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